Sur les traces du tango

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This was an exceptional effort primarily stimulated by the talents and energy of Dominique Péladeau. More than anyone else, Dominique helped to give Graffiti Tango a refined look; he designed our logo, this magazine and years of our school brochures. And when I say “give” I mean it literally; he put in hundreds of hours of PRECIOUS time and work for free! Graffiti Tango is eternally indebted to him.

I encourage you to check the masthead of each publication; here you can see that the contributors to this magazine changed with each publication. Many of these people only go out to tango occasionally now, or not at all. But they were ALL a big part of the early development of tango in Montreal, as were many mentioned in the articles. The presence and contributions of these people to Graffiti Tango were deeply cherished, then and now. Un GROS MERCI à tous!!!

Most of the magazine is in French of course. I believe that the quality of this publication speaks for itself, in design and content. It is also a testament to the passion and sense of collaboration that many of the early contributors to Montreal tango put forth. All things considered, these publications were a very unique part of early tango in Montreal.

One last note: Claude Paris oversaw the high-end printing of this magazine. The Internet simply doesn’t do justice to the feeling that the glossy, hand-held ‘hard-copy’ produced.



Volume 1, 1 –

Volume 1, 2 –

Volume 1, 3 –

Volume 1, 4 –

Volume 2, 1 –

Volume 2, 2 –

Volume 2, 3 –

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