Deviation 1995


photo: Michael Slobodian – used for Evolution-Deviation poster 1995

Evolution was the first part of our evening show at Théâtre d’aujourd’hui. Deviation was the second piece on the program.

Muerte – Astor Piazzolla

Nostalgias – Tango Mortale

Boulevard St-Georges – Siglotrenta

Michaelangelo – Astor Piazzolla

Contrabajissimo – Astor Piazzolla

Muerte – Astor Piazzolla

Tango Triste – Tango Mortale

Milonga Triste – Atillio Stampone

Madrugada – Cuarteto Cedron

Verano Porteño – Astor Piazzolla

Encore – La Cumparsita, New York/Bueno Aires Connection

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