The Milonga Kings 1994

a bunch of guys get together and suddenly a dance breaks out! whadayaknow??!  :-)

The Milonga Kings was a studio initiative of mine that came from one of my earliest impressions in dance: men dancing together can be quite attractive. The idea was to produce an annual Milong Kings show featuring men of the community. Below are links to the first production in 1994 featuring Alberto Diaz, Roqué Herrera, Victor Swoboda, André Bourbonnière, Robert Blais, Richard Martin, Yvan (____?), Jean-Yves Pelletier, Bobby Thompson and me. Bobby choreographed the opening, finale and “Consolation Waltz” of this show.


The Milonga Kings 1994

In 1996 we again produced a Milonga Kings show but this is a tape not in my possession. The 1996 the show featured Alberto Diaz and Victor Sanchez on guitars; additionally,Paul Montpetit and Antoine Latte (the president of SCQAC at the time) joined us in this community effort. The other unique aspect of the 1996 show was that it was a benefit for the women’s shelter that Graffiti Tango supported, “Assistance Aux Femmes”.


The Milonga Kings program 1996


The Milonga Kings program 1996

For now, enjoy the 1994 version… we certainly had fun at the time  :-)

Milonga Kings 1

Milonga Kings 2

Milonga Kings 3

Milonga Kings 4

Milonga Kings 5

Milonga Kings 6

Milonga Kings 7 – finale

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