Nancy Lavoie

I’m adding this page/video because it was such a unique event. Paul Montpetit organized a huge day & evening at the Chalet du Parc Mont-Royal. It was the first and only time tango danced on this scale, in this venue. I volunteered to help with the set-up and strike of the event. I was also scheduled to dance in the evening program with Nancy Lavoie. My plan was to help with the set-up, take a few hours off, then return for the evening. However, Paul approached me early in the day and asked me if I could cover for him, managing the event, telling me that Laura was in hospital about to give birth to their daughter Sara. It was a glorious day for Paul and Laura, even if they couldn’t be at this event. (Paul showed up at the end with the good news!)

I had taught Nancy one of my choreographies for the show, “La Viruta”. She told me afterward that this was the first occasion for her to dance a choreography, with a man! There were hundreds and hundreds of people there. It was a very unique evening and atmosphere. I can’t remember the entire show program (Paul can help with that) but I remember thinking afterward that Nancy and I got a response from the audience in attendance that equaled the clamor for the headliners of the evening, Pablo Veron and Noel Strazza. No shit. Here it is :

La Viruta, Chalet du Mont-Royal 2001

Nancy and I repeated this choreography at an event in her milonga in Quebec City soon after.