Mylène Pelletier, Joseph Bain


Tango Locura event 1998 – La Viruta, music by Los Indios Taconau


This piece of music is a Juan Falu composition for guitar called “de la raiz a la copa”, played by Tata Cedron and Ricardo Moyano. The rhythm is a “gato”, a traditional dance from the north of Argentina. I treated the music as funky waltz tango to find the choreographic moves. So much music of Cedron and his pals inspires me; I did several choreographies thanks to his artistry. Muchas gracias Sr. Cedron!!!


El Pañuelito improv; as a warm-up to the choreographies


Felicia rehearsal, for Mylène’s first show.


De la raiz a la copa rehearsal


This was the last time we danced together; she had just returned from her first trip to Buenos Aires.

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