These are some of Graffiti Tango’s video archives. I do not have the full collection because much of the inventory simply walked out the door in July 1996. Over the years I asked that these articles be returned, including one last time recently. But alas, it seems there is neither the power nor the grace to escape the snarly, vindictive aspect of the nature that walked them out the door. So be it.

Please note that all performers agreed to be filmed for archival, non-commercial purposes. Graffiti Tango thanks one and all for their participation in those events and performances.

This is the last section of this site that requires substantial work and time. Lots of material was put up on YouTube years ago, under the moniker jobloke – I’m going to try and improve the analog-to-digital quality, one more time, whenever, if ever, I find the time.

For now, enjoy what is currently available. Cheers.

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