caveat (Andrea Shepherd blog)

Andrea is a prolific writer, which is the dominant reason she got my “best blog” vote for a period of time. However, I’ve since rescinded my vote. In 2017 she published “Twenty tango lessons” and I always had a problem with “Part One : Evolution”. In this post she mentions her first observations of Montreal tango in 1997. She’s ‘remembering’ with her selective perspectives of twenty years later. I won’t go into specifics about her misrepresentations of how it was in 1997 and list all the witnesses that could and would contradict her, but I can say that I remember very well when she entered the scene and who she partnered with (which didn’t last long). She and her first partner were absolute neophytes in tango (and dance in general) which is to say that some of her descriptions of the Montreal social dance scene during this time period were observed through that thoroughly inexperienced mindset. They are simply wrong. Graffiti Tango had done seven years of social partner dance development by that time. We were highly skilled practitioners of dance in general (before that) and applied those talents to social partner dancing. It was our work and influence that propelled the entire Montreal tango scene, locally and internationally.