the war-mongers are back

“don’t tongue me this time …’k?”

five new wars started after George Bush – a 90% civilian kill rate from drone attacks in brown-skin countries – oh yeah, the USA is back to their “normal” ways

and they brought another crazed woman with them

“Bill taught Joe a cool trick with a cigar …just so’s ya know”

good gawd; heaven help the poor people in brown-skin countries, and heaven help the USA working/middle classes

Stephen Colbert has always used his mouth as a “cock holster” for the war-monger Obama. Hey Steve, you’re not funny; you stopped being funny when you started moralizing. You and Sam Bee, trying to copy the Jon Stewart formula…. sad. Give it up, you’re no fuckin’ good, particularly at moralizing, ya freakin’ twits.

Chris Hedges on voting for these criminals –

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