And oh, that is such sweet karma

In 1990 my vision for the fledgling Montreal tango community was founded on creating multi-faceted employment for professional dancers. This grandiose initiative worked very well for several years, until it was undermined by the very professionals within the organization that had been trained to dance, perform and teach tango. Danielle, Carol and Bobby went their own way. For Carol & Bobby there was immediate success because they were recognized Graffiti Tango company dancers who remained in Montreal. As time went on though, and until this day, they never returned my generous gestures to offer me a single opportunity in tango, such as the multitude I had offered them for so many years. But let’s be realistic, those two never envisioned community development and artist employment like I did. Carol & Bobby simply wanted a studio to make money for two people. Nothin’ wrong with that.

And that’s life. However, the truth is that those two were never able to regain the artistic recognition realized for them as members of Graffiti Tango. That’s karma. (The one big chance that Bobby had with “Ils dansent”, he blew itBIGTIME!) It didn’t take long until Carol & Bobby became simple social dance studio operators like a hundred million others on the planet – nothin’ special there folks, let’s rotate the Argentines in and out because we’ve appropiated their culture, ‘we have no creativity ourselfish’ and ‘we don’t mind seeing the money go out of the community’.

In my opinion this is (and was) a short-sighted approach to artistic and business development within the community. One of the reasons QC never became a country is because of self-serving individuals like these two, and many others like them in Montreal tango. Another is because the PQistes never made friends with separatist Anglos (like me) found on both sides of Canada, who would like nothing better than to stick the fornicating monarchy right up the federalist’s ass! But that’s another story.

This website/blog was created in 2013. It was created because someone was trying to alter the true history of Montreal tango.  I looked after my 1992-95 client Daniel Saindon and his hysteric aspersions with my first post. But there had already been long-time ‘alterations’ of this history published in previous years for which I never reacted or responded.

By 2013 Carol & Bobby had falsely marketed themselves as choreographers of Graffiti Tango for 15 years. See for yourself. Did I complain publicly? No. I politely asked them to correct their Internet-marketing mendacity, but they contemptuously ignored my professional requests with an indifference that was breathtakingly unconscionable. Only after being exposed as liars by the creation of this blog did they reluctantly alter their website. I know why they lied for so many years about being choreographers for Graffiti Tango, my work was quite good, but that doesn’t make their actions and attitudes against me any less insidious.

For years I brought a plethora of Quebec/Montreal citizens to new heights of truly interesting social accomplishments in their lives. And that was followed by years of them going along with the ‘Tangueria PQiste crowd’ treating me as some sort of (anglo) pariah!? Explain that please. Explain how a uni-lingual English-speaking person comes to Quebec, creates all sorts of employment and opportunities for all sorts of QC individuals in a super popular socio-cultural activity, launches the city into a cultural realm that it had not known previously, learns and then works in the language of the province, and yet somehow is the villain in all this. OUATE DE PHOQUE?! (This is a phonetic bi-lingual joke that = WAT DA FOOK?!)

Nope. I’m not ready to make nice.

Cuba 2016 - evil eye 2

“Here’s lookin’ at you kid.”

“C’est bon d’avoir ton point de vue sur cette époque. Comme le dit André, ça ramène de nombreux souvenirs. Par contre tu finis ton historique au moment ou les Ateliers tango et Grafitti tango entraient dans leurs plus belles années. Ce serait un vrai cadeau si tu continuais ce travail.” RB

The similarities of tango community actors like Andrea S, Corinne K, Marika L, Elias N, Paul M, Laura S, Gabriel G, Jean-Sébastien V, Geraldo S, Allyson B\M, etc., etc., ad nauseam, is that they permit themselves to appropriate a foreign culture for their own financial objectives and then expect to be treated as some kind of ‘dance’ expert too! Huh?! How does that work? Mine was a different perspective because of my verified dance background: “We (Graffiti Tango) had no pretensions of trying to represent Argentine/Buenos Aires tango culture in any way“.

Yeah, I’ve lived through all the various disgruntled, jealousies and petty aspersions of self-made ‘tango experts’, nationalist QC’ers and wacked out Latinos. Many years ago I decided to not participate in their precious tango “community”. Yet it seems they all think that their “community” is on an equal footing as it was when the freaking “anglo” was involved. Well, it’s not. So get over it. Your pettiness, jealousies, lack of honesty, lack of talent/creativity and lack of respect have demeaned your own community to the point where no one will ever repeat or equal my accomplishments. And oh, that is such sweet karma!  ;-)  LMFAO

Thirty years later I’m happy and still successful here in Montreal. I’m quite content with my professional, personal and social accomplishments, which keep adding up, far beyond the period of time covered by this blog. I’m also happy with my transition out of the social dance industry. As you can well imagine, a man of my various talents, generosity, and distinctive work ethics is much appreciated by many people… in other fields. It’s good, and very rewarding.

The Quebec slogan “je me souviens” became the underlying motif for this website without my specific intent. Dans le passé je me suis toujours distingué comme Montréalais, et non Québecois. Mais là, je crois qu’il faut que ça change. Vive le Québec !


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